I've been waiting for this music video to come out for days now. I forgot about it then saw a post and I had to review it. Plus they deserve a nugu card so look out for that sometime tomorrow. At first I was super confused about the zombies in their teasers. And to be honest I still kind of am. I don't really get it. But all of the girls did so well. I'm excited to hear what their mini album will sound like all together. I hope its as good as this song was. Jihyo is by far one of my favorites. During her performance in the music video you can tell how long and hard she trained. Her performance was amazing. I wish the rappers got to have more lines. I don't think they got to shine as much as the others did. But what they did get was really good. I feel like this was one of the songs that has me really excited to see what their live performance will be like. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this!

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