Getting a little obsessed...

Okay, so my friend wanted me to watch FMA for a long time, but I've said eeeeh every time she asked. Well, she finally convinced me to watch it, and woah. I am only on episode 16 of brotherhood, but wow.

It's like, a very good mix of sadness, happiness, humor, the whole shebang. And why didn't I let her drag me into this before!! But yeah, just want to share my newly found love. I will most definitely post reactions further on if anyone wants to hear me rant about stuff because OMG I already a ton I could go crazy about. Like, TO MUCH. Anyways, you can comment or not, but PLEASE no spoilers, I haven't gotten very far yet. Love you all! ❤️

Hello! You can call me Danny if you would like. I am crazy obsessed with Tokyo Ghoul.
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