My Grumpy Dad Talks Politics

This edition of Grumpy Dad is a little bit late, and that is my fault. I'm sick. Yes. I said it, I'm not impervious to earthly obstacles.

That being said, We did begin #VingleElections this week.

I'd like to introduce you to my Chief of Staff, #GrumpyDad

He's got a unique way of looking at the world, and this week we follow him as he philosophizes about everything from Apple corporation to healthcare. It's all politics and some cynicism this week. I wonder where I get it from.

It isn’t just any flash drive.The functionality of this device is what Apple users have been begging for since they became Apple users: It can easily transfer photos, videos and documents between all Apple devices—and from Apple devices to PC’s and vice versa. Finally!

What the heck took them so long?They also suggested that Apple was likely adamant in the past (for some reason) about preventing its existence.

Why in the world, I wondered, would a company go out of its way to keep people from having something that would make their lives so much easier? It has to be all about money.Tess' Note:

So, then I wondered about other things that might be possible now, but that don’t exist for all the wrong reasons.

How about affordable electric cars and free re-charging stations all over the world?It looks great and makes virtually no noise. It also costs more than $100,000.

Tess' Note:

Let’s see… We could save the Ozone, reduce the world’s dependency upon oil for ground transportation and create thousands, maybe millions of jobs.Nobody has the guts or the power to force the automakers and the parts suppliers and the oil companies and the gas station owners--and every other entity that exists and/or benefits because of gasoline-powered engines—to change with the times.

Tess' Note:

Forget the politicians. They won’t help—because politicians care about only three things: Getting elected; getting re-elected; and making money. Anyone who watched the recent presidential candidate debates in America knows by now that reducing the world’s dependency upon oil isn’t even part of the conversation.

Tess' Note:

How many other inventions or cures already exist or could easily exist that would make our world better?

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to learn that millions of people have suffered and died for no reason from cancer or Alzheimer’s or heart disease because some greedy suits decided that eliminating them would be bad for business.

Tess' Note:

As the years go by, I’m increasingly suspicious about why the world’s most brilliant minds, funded to the gills, can’t seem to cure anything except their funding problems.Out of guilt and false hope we donate to some of these “non-profit” organizations that talk a good game, but never seem to reach their goals. Is it too cynical to believe that reaching their goals isn’t a goal at all?They’d all be out of work!

Now, I’m going to use my new flash drive to move this card from my PC to my IPhone, so I can email it to my daughter. Wait. No. I can just copy and paste it into an email and send it to her from the PC. Well, I’ll figure out some reasons that I had to have it. I paid $59 for goodness sake.



Well, there you have it. Straight from the Grumpy Dad.

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