Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Enters the 1940s


It edits together a lot of the old Batman and Superman serials of the 1940s and puts them together. If there's one thing it really succeeds at, it's making the trailer really feel like it came from that time period. I couldn't help but feel my mind wander back to my college classes and how we checked out a bunch of this in one session.

That being said, this one didn't really do much for me. One of the reasons I really liked the Ant-Man trailer is the way it used footage from the actual trailer and stuff from film history. I was hoping for the same here but I was unfortunately disappointed. But that isn't to say Vulture Media is the one who reimagined this as a movie from the 40s.

Paul Cornish's take on the 1940s Batman vs. Superman is the one I enjoyed more. Simply because of what I stated earlier. The way he managed to mix the audio from the present-day trailer into old footage was something that amazed me.

I think the biggest draw to these kinds of trailers is the work that was put into them. Not everyone can find a way to mush together footage from the past with some from the future to make something new. At least for me, I feel like I'm more amazed at the "how did they do it?" instead of the actual content of the piece.

What did you guys think?@shannonl5, I know you're a Marvel Zombie but I also know you can appreciate some weird mish-mash of film history and present day stuff.

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