Meet some of Saint Saiya (bronze saints)

to me saint seiya was my introduction to anime, my dad was a big fan and we would always watch it. so i wanted to introduce some of the characters from the original series.

later on i might post some from Saint Saiya: The lost canvas and Saint Seiya: Omega.

Seiya, Pegasus bronze saint, from 20th century 13 years old

Seiya and his sister Seika were both orphans living at a orphanage. Six years before the start of the series, Seiya was separated from his sister to train in Greece to participate in the Galaxian Wars.

Shiryu, Dragon bronze saint, from 20th century 14 years old

Out of all five main characters, Shiryū is known as the calmest and most collected. His sheer physical strength is the greatest of the Bronze Saints, with the possible exception of Phoenix Ikki.

Ikki, Phoenix bronze saint, from 20th century 15 years old

While Ikki is officially recognized as a Bronze Saint, his base power easily places him well above most Silver Saints, and his reputation as a powerhouse is common knowledge among his peers and fellow Bronze Saints. Even as a child, Ikki was known as the toughest kid of the 100 orphans, and would often defend his then delicate younger brother Shun from the other children.

Shun, Andromeda bronze saint, from 20th century 13 years old

Shun is the official Bronze Saint of the Andromeda constellation. He is a merciful soul by nature, and a firm believer in solving problems without causing bloodshed.

Hyoga, Cygnus Bronze saint, from 20th century 14 years old

Hyōga appears calm, collected, and unemotional. Beneath the surface, however, he is passionate and devoted to his ideals. As a Saint born under the Cygnus constellation, Hyōga is able to control and manipulate ice and snow as he pleases, as he mastered the basis of the technique of the Saints of ice, stopping the atoms of matter by the power of their Cosmo.

Everyone has that one anime that they watch for the first time..

what was your introduction to anime?

This is Shemoo, 24.. i really like anime, manga and cosplay. although now is pretty hard to keep up with it.. you know,,,,, life......
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