Airmaster is a beast.

Maki Aikawa is a former gymnast turned street fighter after the death of her ill mother. Seeking to feel the pressure and adrenaline rush she has while in gymnastics she began street fighter and making a name for herself as the Airmaster. Using her acrobatic skills to take down her opponents and fly.

she faces a number of fighters whom only help he became strong by creating on the fly moves like the air spin driver and air cut terminator.

her ingenuity and ability to mimic any move she sees or is hit with combined with her lighting speed and powerful kicks make her an very skilled fighter.

Though that is not to say she can't be defeated seeing as she lost to yuki, titled fukimichi's strongest women. Even in her defeat she learned the air flow technique which allows her to evade and couterattack by feeling the air flow around her and inevitability becoming even more skilled.

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