Main Story Part 2

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. Starring at his reflection from the golden mural, he tips his hat and salutes his old self. “Today is the beginning of a new day.” Taking a deep breath, he takes the first step toward the door and a new step towards adventure, with a large grinning smile.

Grey and bland, apparently that is the new theme for Orion’s life. Oval in shape, the room contains a large counter where office workers are calling up clients. The rest of the room can be described in one word, efficient. Red leather chairs all facing the center, circulate the walls. Large metallic grey walls give the presence of power and simplicity. Huge orbs attach to the ceiling, magically light up the room using magical crystals called Lacrima. The office workers wear similar outfits, white stainless shirts without wrinkles. Orion lets out a sigh and walks up the line, hoping for a merciful death. Apparently there was no such thing as mercy, as the line moves slowly each client taking hours to write and submit their paperwork. Three grueling hours pass before he reaches one of the office workers. A short man, bald with a brown curve mustache and a bad habit of licking his lips every few seconds, greets the mage. The worker glances, licks his lip and drops down onto the counter a thirty page contract. “Upon signing this contract you will have sworn to faithfully obey any and all rules stated in this contract.” The bald man speaks with a wheezy voice similar to air releasing from a balloon promptly irritating the mage. “This also includes misbehavior that is outlaw by the government. No murder of any government official. No battle between guilds unless justified by an office worker. The most important being no attacking anyone within the Guild Sanction.” The fact that they had made a specific rule to cease violence against the Guild Sanction meant that there had been some in the past. Listening to the wheezy bald man, Orion could completely comprehends and justifies that violence. “Now then if you do agree with these above statements, and all those found within your contract please sign here.” He points at a blank spot upon the end of the page.

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