5 Signs You're A Part of La Familia

When you're dating someone who is Latin American, you can either JUST be the girlfriend/boyfriend, or you can actually feel like you're a part of the family.

1) You're Invited To Family Parties

Birthdays, quinceaneras, just-beacause parties -- you're invited to all of them. And if you're really important to the family, they may even just throw a party FOR YOU. Being invited to parties is the first step of knowing the family likes you enough to want to get drunk with you.

2) Your Partner's Abuelita Likes To Gossip With You

At the beginning she may have held her tongue, but once she REALLY likes you, she'll gossip with you about everyone. She may even want to talk sh*t about her grandson/granddaughter and want you to chime in.

3) The Cousins Want To Get Wasted With You

Los primos might see you during the parties, but you know you're 'in' when they call you up and ask if you want to chill with them. You're now officially more than just the boyfriend/girlfriend -- you're a cousin too.

4) Mami Asks You To Run Errands With Her

You're probably going to see you partner's family A LOT, so that means your partner's mother will take advantage of that. Get some groceries, fill up the car with gas, help make the food, make the drunk uncle some drinks. They are not asking you to do these things because they hate you, but because they feel comfortable with you. Congrats!

5) You're Expected To Go To Family Reunions

You don't even have a choice. You're going. But you'll have a blast and when you're accepted by the immediate and extended family, that's when you really know the family loves you. You're officially familia.

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