I just wrote a card about Hana Kimi and that threw me waaaay back to when I used to be super into Japanese dramas.

I have a forever-crush on Koji Seto and wanted to share his greatness with you all:

Born May 18, 1988, Seto Koji has been in some of my favorite Japanese dramas like Koizora and Atashinchi no Danchi!

Koizora is basically the Japanese version of a Walk To Remember so its incredibly sad and Koji NAILED the part. Please watch it if you haven't.

He's also in multiple bands. He was in Tetra Fang which was J-Rock, and is now part of D-Date which is much more J-pop sounding. @NatMarie@Kelseyblair@Atomshair look at him at 30 seconds...why do I see Hakyeon?)

Even though I don't keep up with his career anymore, Seto Koji will always have a huge place in my heart.

Anyone else love Japanese dramas?!

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