Evolution of VIXX: Voodoo Doll

Creative directing or the return of crazy-ass sasaeng fan fiction? You decide.

In all seriousness, though, once you get over the gore of the video, it's brilliant. The song is all about being the proxy for someone's hurt and pain (note the lyric early on in the song: 다칠준비가돼있어). This song is addictive and badass and it suits VIXX perfectly. The choreography is flawless; passing a prop between members can be messy but they always did it well in live performances. It's also pretty cool that they managed to incorporate parts of the choreography with the "voodoo doll" stabbing motions throughout the video. Looking back, I know now that I cheated myself by counting VIXX out.

And shame on me for leaving out the most important detail of the video...nobody made the stylist angry this time!! Everyone looks good!!!! It's strange to think about, but how often do you see an entire idol group with their natural(ish) hair color? Usually someone is rocking platinum blonde or something else funky...but I think having all six members with the same hair color is a really good thing in this case.

PS: 'Tis very disappointing that the contacts they wore in the video are illegal in the states...I'm dying to buy some.

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