iKon Losing Fans Over B.I's Attitude


Sorry if I'm late to the party, but I just heard about this and want Vingle Kpop's take on the situation ~

Here's what happened:

Jinhwan thinks its funny

B.I gets angryChanwoo's hat off

really unhappyruining the image


The top comment on a Korean article about it said:

B.I’s true character that he has been hiding for a long time shows here. Look at him looking and sensing the camera. You can tell that he shows his true personality in places with no cameras and haze his members. And I bet he enjoys these situation as well right?

humanbad moodsit's his jobleaderIt might not seem fair

I'm not saying you should hate him for this, I'm not saying you should excuse him for this - I'm just saying this was a bad moment for B.I.


What do you guys think of this?!

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