Body Positivity with Peggy Carter


Feeling down? Do as Peggy says!

We all love Peggy Carter for her awesome butt kicking and take-no-s*** attitude in Agent Carter, but did you also know she's a pretty good motivational speaker as well? Well, she totally is! Unfortunately I couldn't get her here (seeing as she's stuck in the 1950s... literally not politically!) so here are a few of her best tips:

First: "Take up space and don't apologize for it."

That's right. Don't let anyone make you feel like you have to fit inside a tiny corner while they dominate the room. Let yourself feel big. It's a proven confidence booster, and it will let the people around you know that they can't push you around.

"Dress however YOU want. No one can dictate what makes you happy."

Want to rock a pantsuit? What about military cammo and red lipstick? Glitter and gun oil? All of those are outfits that Peggy has worn with pride. Because being comfortable with who you are means owning the way you present yourself.

"Haters gonna hate. And they don't matter."

Say that to yourself as many times as you need to hear it before you start believing it. You are valuable. You are important. You are worth it. Someone else has an opinion on the subject? Turns out that nobody's opinion can change the facts: you're awesome.

"Take care of yourself."

Take naps, drink water, eat when you're hungry and catch some fresh air whenever you can! Part of loving your body means taking care of it, and telling yourself that it's okay to do so. Treat yo self!

And finally: "When in doubt, Wonder Woman."

Seriously, standing like that is good for your self-esteem.

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