Once upon a time

Cause what good story doesn't start with that?@nicolejb gave me the idea to just throw up a story about my kidhood that describes me as a person. I mean there are tons of dumb things I did but this is the only smart one. Back when I was in fourth grade a kid got lice. Everyone treated her like she was poison and I felt bad. So I decided to be her friend. Well it didn't take long for the bullies to catch on and get pissed off. They were twins and pulled us into the bathroom. The twins had two of their friends with them. They planned on beating the shit out if us. I still don't remember why probably because I was fat and being friends with an outcast. Then again I liked being one anyway. I pushed my friend out and told her to get a teacher. No one ever came (teachers at this school didn't care) so I ducked in a stall and locked it. Then they started to bang on it and climb over it. Using my head I crawled under the stalls and bolted for my safe haven. The library. I wish I could say me and my friend lived happily ever after or that they never picked on us again. We didn't I moved the next year and they did one slammed my head in a bus window cracking it. I don't care though it just shows I want everyone treated fairly. The last time I had fair treatment was back before that happened and that's no good. vote me for vingle president -cheesy grin-

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