The Media Needs To Back Off Lamar Odom

If you haven't already heard (please come out from under your rock) Lamar Odom has been in the hospital after being found unresponsive in the (totally legal) Love Ranch after taking a deathly mix of drugs including way to many sex enhancers and speculations of a speed ball.

While in a coma, his doctors told family and friends to expect the worst, but luckily Odom is awake and there doesn't seem to be any sings of brain damage.

So yeah, racking up my college tuition at a brothel and kicking back with some speed balls doesn't put him in the running for sainthood, but the way the media is treating this story is down right revolting.

While family and friends are trying to deal with the emotions of almost losing a loved one as well as the realization that Odom's recovery (both mental and physical) is far from over, the media is attacking this story like the wolves they have become.

Pictures of a passed out Odom have been published online. Comments about how fucked up he looks are everywhere and the internet is having a field day trying to figure out what is on the bedside table.

where's the fucking compassion?


Odom has been messing up for a while now, but this last adventure almost cost him his life. Instead of being able to recover in private, news outlets like the Daily Mail are post his worst moments for millions to judge and laugh at.

Yes, I get it;

The people have a right to know.

The media is just doing their job.

Its a totally insane story.

And yet again I say Bullshit!!

There is no compassion, there is no loyalty, and there certainly isn't any consideration for the person they are attacking or the people their pointless news effects.

Focus on the actual issues please. No, I lied, you can focus on the celebrities, who wore what best and all that other celeb gossip that is everyones guilty pleasure.

But please, have some decency and let the down and out recover in peace.

Hasn't your parents ever told you not to kick a dead horse?

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