Losing Weight Was Hard As Hell

Before I had decided to lose weight, I was a tired +200 pounds. Starting wasn't easy. Although I have had gone though stupid crash diets and was thin at some moments of my life (due to disordered eating), I made a point to lose weight the hard, old-fashioned way.

And that shit wasn't easy.

After starting on the elliptical, I soon realized I had to do far more than just 20 minutes of moving my legs. Initially, I lost about 10 pounds from the elliptical, because I want from doing nothing, to doing something.

But when I had slimmed down the "old-fashioned" way, I was so damn active. At first I hated every single minute of it.


Examples of Exercises I Was Doing Daily:

+ Sprinting (Interval training)

+ HIIT body weight exercises

+ Weight training

~ I was jogging maybe 3 times a week (I hated this the most)

I was spending about 2 hours working out


Examples of Daily Activity:

+ Walking a couple of miles to school

+ Taking stairs instead of elevators

+ Walking to run errands

+ During the summers, I went swimming often


Examples of My Eating:

+ I was meal prepping

+ No more soda, juice, sugar

+ No more processed foods

+ I was basically just eating meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans

I did eat allooooottttttt, but I my food choices were pretty healthy


It wasn't easy at all, but I did eventually learn to love being active. I felt so refreshed, alive, and I felt like a SUPERWOMAN. My body was able to do things I never though it could.

Was it a walk a park?

....Nahhhhhhh. NOPE.

For those who have successfully lost weight, bulked up, or become more active...what was/is your story?

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