Welcome to the News Community Vinglers!


Hey Newsies that are new to Vingle,

Welcome to the news community, where we talk about all things cool and relevant in the world!

A bit about me... I’m the community moderator for the News Community and along with my support team member (and your Social Butterfly@ButterflyBlu) we just wanted to say hiiii to all our new people.


Here in the news community we believe in thoughtful conversation and debate. I hope you want that TOO!


Here in the community we talk about current events in a productive and fun way. We also nerd out about how to fix the world around us.


My favorite topics and current events include:

Human Rights Issues, Technology Advancements (any new Apple Product announcements... I’m all over that stuff), Politics (Not a huge Trump fan though) and anything about Global Warming/Sustainability!


What current event or topics are you passionate about and want to discuss in the news community?!

Can’t wait to talk with you all! I can already tell you are the greatest!

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