[Have You Seen] Yong Pal: omg!


Let me start by saying that any drama with a dramatic suicide scene automatically gets my attention!

With that said I will tell you a little about my journey with this drama...


1. Joo Won -

I don't really like him (lol). If you've read any of my comments from people's post, then you'll already know this. I saw him in Gaksital (Bridal Mask) and found his character irritating. Whenever that happens in a drama I completely write that actor off. Which means I haven't seen Good Doctor (sorry). His redeeming qualities are that he has wonderful dimples and he actually is a great actor.

But with that said, I did give in to this drama because the description was just so interesting. I'm a long time fan of the TNT show Royal Pains so this was right up my alley. Not to mention...


2. Kim Tae Hee

see this card


3. Stephanie Lee

She was in Sunam Girls High School Detectives (haven't seen it). Her character was a lot like Krystal's in Heirs. She'd be speaking Korean then say stuff in English. The second gif is her pronouncing her name "Cynthia", which you can imagine is difficult to pronounce. She was just so random and I really liked her character.

She has dimples, too!


4. Jo Hyun Jae

no joke

A guy you'll love to hate; promise!



I didn't realize they'd fallen in love

And then my second issue was that the house calls, which is what I wanted to see, came to an end early on, which made me sad.

All-in-all great drama that I'd recommend to anyone.

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