The Mets win: In Pictures

I'm not nearly done talking about this.

I want to relive it in as many ways as I can. Let's start with looking at last night's win and celebration in pictures.

Daniel Murphy is beside himself. The NLCS MVP went 4-5 last night with ANOTHER home run.

Take a bow, son. Take a bow!

The sleeping slugger Lucas Duda appeared to bust out of his slump last night, crushing a home run and a two-run double.

Duda is one of the league's streakiest players, and if he's getting hot now, he's doing it at just the right time.

Steven Matz wasn't great, but he didn't have to be. He didn't reach the end of the fifth inning but still did what he needed to do to get the Mets to the World Series.

What a dream night for the kid - a lifelong Mets fan gets to pitch his team into the World Series.

Jeurys Familia crumbled to his knees after recording the final out. His emotion is off the charts.

And so is his performance - the guy has been virtually untouchable.

Got to give some love to the Cubs. They played a great season and just couldn't put it together in this series. The reality is that they were beaten by a better team.

They're a team built for the future, and they'll have another shot. A great season for a great franchise and a great fanbase.

But this night was all about the Mets. They're going to the 'Ship!

And that calls for celebration.

Say it with me: LET'S! GO! METS!

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