What EXO Means To Me

They make me laugh, scream, cry and smile. They're the reason that makes me want to keep going and try again. When I'm angry or sad I know I can watch videos them because every time I watch them, they'll make me smile and the angry-ness or sadness will go away. And when they're happy it's always going to make me happy too. I myself wants to be a performer on stage (Singing, dancing..) like EXO, they motivate me to keep going and do everything I can to reach my dreams so then one day I can perform on stage too! We are one! Fighting!

This little maknae babe means so much to me. He´s my EXO-K bias. He’s really not as cold as people assume he is at first glance. I really do think it’s because he’s shy and doesn’t have the best people skills, so it can come across the wrong way when he’s not super bubbly during interviews or doesn’t always beam at the fans but, he can dance amazingly and I personally love his voice and think he deserves more lines in songs. He’s still a teenager after all, so you have the right to be moody sometimes! And the truth of the matter is, he isn’t even as grumpy as people like to claim he is. He’s one of the biggest derps in the group, and his laugh and other noises are so lovably dorky thing I’ve ever heard.

Next, is Luhan. Such a cutie. My EXO-M bias. Even though he has left, I will ALWAYS count him as a member. If you don´t that´s your opinion. But I´ll never to that. Luhan is easy going. He has a really cool personality making everyone like him so much. Luhan has so many admirable personality traits, I don’t even know where to start. His killer vocals, disastrously beautiful looks, brilliant dancing and praise-worthy acting. He is mesmerizing on stage.

Next, Xuimin. Our precious Baozi! I adore him. I´ve heard and seen a lot of people call him the ugliest member. None of them are ugly, at all. He´s adorable. An absolute sweetheart. He’s so genuine, loving and humble, like the silent guardian of EXO. He’s the mature anchor that the boys need sometimes, yet he can throw himself in the middle of the chaos and have an amazing time with his dongsaengs. Let’s keep supporting Xiumin, so that he continues to know how much we love him.

Ah, our 4D Do Kyungsoo! He was just adorable, passionate and confident all at the same time, which sums up his personality in general. He’s got an air of being quietly intelligent, like someone with a lot of personal wisdom. In particular, I can see him as someone who doesn’t want to waste any time on someone he doesn’t like, meaning that the friendships he does have are as genuine as can be. He’s not one to let problems simmer, or to spoil the overly-pampered.

Next, Tao. Again, another member that has left but I still count. He really seems to carry an awful lot of pain from his past, and this is all abundantly clear since he really can’t hide his emotions. I find it so refreshing to see a guy who just lets the tears flow when they come, and refuses to be fake. Everything you see of Tao is 100% real. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and is constantly raw, open, honest and vulnerable, like what he writes on his Weibo or how he starts crying whenever he needs to get some sincere emotions out. I love seeing him excited about things like the beautiful sunrise, or the stunning landscape in front of him, or trying out a new sweet, and seeing him excitedly squeal about these things without a single care if people think that he’s being 'girly’.

Next, Baekhyun. I’ve liked Baekhyun since the very beginning: bright, bubbly and a little bit goofy. He’s basically born to be a superstar, who will be remembered for pretty much forever.He gives every single performance 100% of his dedication and energy, which is hugely obvious when you can see the veins on his neck straining as he reaches the perfect notes. His voice is the perfect pop voice, as well as being capable of reaching a beautiful falsetto. However, he can also bring in a hint of huskiness which is what makes his voice distinguishable and special. Although he is not one of the stand-out dancers in the group, Baekhyun practically never falters.

Next, Kai. My one friends bias. I must admit, Kai actually took a little while to grow on me when I first found out about EXO. As a non-fan, basically all you see is the showy, sexy, extravagant, on-stage Kai. To be honest, that type of image was very off-putting for me. I was basically thinking, “Okay, okay, you’re hot, we get it!!” But I quickly realised that it was wrong to assume that the on-stage persona of Kai was the same as the real Jongin. As soon as the fandom took me into its arms, I saw the sweet, genuine Jongin come out, and crap, I have so much respect for him.

As we all know, dancing is Kai’s forte. The passion that he exudes with every move is just mind-blowing. He’s one of those rare people who pursues his craft due to pure passion and love for it, not for the fame and glory. He dances using his whole body, which includes his amazing facial expressions too.

Next, Suho. Suho is the perfect gentleman. I have a lot of respect for Suho, since he’s always gentle and responsible, looking after his ‘kids’ as well as he possibly can, with a smile always lighting up his face. He has clearly taken his role as the leader and guardian of EXO very seriously and has proved himself to be the perfect man for the job. Whether it’s being prepared with vitamins for all the guys, or listening to their concerns and feelings, Joonmyun Umma tries his best to be a reliable and strong leader and role model. He’s extremely tolerant and calm, which is why the guys can get away with picking on him so much, but I also feel that they know his limit since he speaks up when he feels ignored, and he’s pretty scary when he’s mad.

Next, Lay. Basically, Lay’s heart is made out of rainbows, fairy floss and unicorns. That is really the best way I can describe him, since the word ‘nice’ really doesn’t cover it. Yixing is so precious, always respectful, sincere, soft-spoken and caring. At any event, he’ll be the one bowing 90 degrees to everyone, several times, telling the behind-the-scenes staff that they’ve worked hard. He’s also known as being one of the most responsive towards fans, caring more about their well-being when he’s being pushed through over-zealous crowds. When he has the chance, he makes sure he can give an autograph to everyone, seen through his recent trip back home to China. The open letter he wrote to his fans on his birthday will melt any fan’s heart, and this song dedicated to his fans is just so heart-warming. Then there’s the adorable stuff he says, like “I don’t date ugly girls because I believe they don’t exist.” and other things such as his donation to a child with leukemia, which he actually wanted to keep secret since he doesn’t want fans to feel obliged to donate for his sake. It seems like it’s impossible for Yixing to lie, since he’s always willing to share embarrassing stories about the other members, and never holds back his own emotions when they take hold of him.

Next, Kris. Another member not there. But like I said, all of them are included to me. It´s just not EXO without them. Kris is a really interesting person, and I doubt we’ll ever get to know a lot about him. It’s clear that despite some occasional teasing, the members respect Kris dearly, since he always seems so in control. He’s a confident spokesman and a reliable leader, although seems to forget that he’s still a leader, due to not getting much of a leadership role during the OT12 promotions. It’s clear that he is so soulful and has a great heart. Kris shows great concern for his fans, especially in crowded airports, and really seems to value and respect all people, and does fanservice in his own special way.

Next, Chen. Jongdae has great interpersonal skills, being able to befriend everyone and knowing where to draw the line when he’s joking around with someone. I have never, ever seen anyone look offended or uncomfortable after Jongdae has made a joke about them, as he never takes it too far, as opposed to the sometimes awkward and tense situations that Baekhyun and Chanyeol end up in after cracking a joke. His brilliant sense of humor also grants him the title of EXO’s biggest, sassiest and wittiest troll.

Lastly, Chanyeol. Chanyeol captured my attention with his genuineness and brightness. And of course, no human being could be overwhelmingly happy every single day, so on the days that Chanyeol isn’t feeling so good, he still tries to look happy for our sake, the fans. Chanyeol is adorable, with his shining smile, seductive deep voice, amazing rapping skills and ability to play three different instruments. He has a long and illustrious career ahead of him, and is just such a sweet person in general. Sometimes he can be a little bit overwhelming, and I can see why some people might dislike that, but it’s no reason to hate him altogether. And besides, we all need bright people like him to cheer us up!

So now, I leave you with the question. What does EXO mean to you?

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