My First Crush: Santiago Alzate

@danidee and@allischaaff made cards about their first crushes and allischaaff tagged me on her card about writing my card. So here it is:

Everyone seemed to have a first crush when they were a toddler. That wasn't me.

hadbig, bad king of the land.

I wasn't going to have that.

I grew up a tomboy who threw out into a wrestling match with any boy who tried to either call me, weak, pretty, or stupid. I didn't have any female friends, because they were busy trying on makeup, dancing in little dresses, and pointing out boys they thought were cute. In the meantime, my parents' friends' children were mostly male so that's all I had around to play with. We jumped and wrestled on trampolines, threw things at each other, played tag or hide and seek, constantly had competitions with each other, and fought with various weapons, like pillows, toys, and sometimes bare hands. I wasn't treated respectively as a girl, basically.

humorous little class clown who never seemed to stop talking.

He made me laugh.

During FCAT season, which is Florida testing, the teachers made us do anything we wanted after testing ended. The teacher would make games and we'd throw paper balls and play music while we wait for the school day to end. My first crush, with a bunch of other kids goofing around, danced to music in front of the classroom. Everyone was out of their seats, but I was better involved in a book. I would look up a couple times to see them having fun. I was fine just seeing all the bundles of joy and excitement. Then, he turned to me and made a big goofy toothed smile and made funny, weird dances and if I smiled, he'd smile wider.

He broke my shell.

He'd try every other day or so to get a reaction out of me. He wasn't cruel or rude or annoying. He didn't offend me or try to take any of my things. He didn't go anywhere near me. He simply tried to make me laugh. He would ask my opinion sometimes. He'd include me in funny arguments. When we were in group projects to make plays and create armor or costumes out of arts and crafts, he'd make a whole scene with a paper sword and a weird hat. I, of course, wasn't in a group, and was in a corner drawing. If I tried to hide behind my book, he'd make a dramatic show right in front of the teacher and try to make me laugh. And he always did!

He made me believe there was kindness in the world, that I don't always have to wear armor.

Since then, I had a little crush until I was in 8th grade and I figured a quiet girl like me can't be with something so social and open. I had the whole shebang: notebooks, hearts, stories of certain days, and even an anonymous valentine card once. And I didn't have a crush on him 'cause he was the first boy to be nice to me. He wasnt.

But because he made me feel like a girl.

Time moves on, though, and nothing ever happened.

Well, that's my story! He grew up, turned into a soccer teenager, and we all graduated together this year but I never really talked to him and stuff as a friend would. Now, I talk, laugh, and have fun with anyone! I go to parties and gatherings like anyone else. And I have a long term boyfriend as faithful, handsome, and reliable as my books! (lol) I love him very much. He always makes me laugh and reminds me that being quiet all the time isn't always good for me. He brings out my goofy, colorful side that should be out. And he doesn't expect me to be anything but me. I hope you liked my story! lol

Yup, that's basically him <3

I'm a simple writer constantly day dreaming about dragons in the clouds, tasty food in my hands, and good laughs.
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