LeBron James joins Michelle Obama in championing higher education

LeBron is on a mission to give back to those that have given so much to him.

With Michelle Obama by his side, LeBron James championed higher education by supporting the first lady's new "Better Make Room" campaign Wednesday.

The idea came alive this summer, as James announced a commitment to fund four-year college scholarships for potentially thousands of students that enroll in his program and qualify for the endowment in the coming years.

"There's absolutely nothing more important than education," Obama said during a private Q&A moderated by ESPN's Michael Wilbon following the event. "It is the absolute best investment that young people can make in their futures. I just don't think we talk about that enough. We don't shine a light on that."

Lebron said said upon his return to Ohio, providing an opportunity for young people to receive a college education was very important to him.

"If not first or second, as high as it could be. And just reading and seeing what my community was going through while I was away, it kind of hit home for me in understanding how big my influence is and how important my muscle is right now has nothing to do with the game of basketball."

LBJ has seen great success on the the court and great financial success off it due to lucrative sneaker deals and endorsement deals.


Can you think of another athlete who has done something on this level in the past decade?

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