10 Insane Halloween Pumpkins That Put All Of Ours To Shame

Yes, I still carve pumpkins with my Dad and yes they are TOTALLY AWESOME! But....after seeing these I might try and mix up the typical two eyes, triangle nose, and missing teeth smile.

Those eyes are hypnotizing..."Give me alllll of your candyyyy...and your soul."

Anything with a huge mouth has my heart, but also, he's kind of a cannibal.

It's all about accessorizing right?

Perfecting timing for the new movie! May the force be with you.

Im just wondering what kind of knife they used HONESTLY this is down right beautiful.

Not only is this really impressive, but it is absolutely terrifying.

HOWWWWWW....JUST GIVE ME A TUTORIAL! Although I do wonder what it looks like without the hands....

I love this one because it doesn't look impossible but it still will be the best pumpkin on the block.

The halloween version of a soft served ice cream or Freddie getting into a pumpkins dream....

Just what the fuck. This has to be like, an ice sculptures pumpkin.

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