I Am So Over Natural Hair

A little over one year ago I decided to follow the "natural hair journey." I wanted to see my kinks and curls sprout gloriously from my head.

I took a pair of scissors to my hair and chopped off all of my relaxed ends. It was one of the best feelings in the world. I felt free.

I had initially decided to quit relaxers was because my hair was in such bad shape. Along with taking piss-poor care of my hair, and slapping super strong relaxers to my hair, my hair was becoming weak. Chunks of hair was falling out, and it just stopped growing.

I'd Try Anything Once

After several months of my hair being natural, I was becoming increasingly frustrated. My hair was very difficult to manage. After spending hours of detangling and combing, my hair would quickly tangle again. I had to add shit ton of products, strategically wash my hair, and pray to the weather gods that the weather would be nice to my hair.

Everything was calculated, and I'd take an hour in the morning just to tend to my hair.

The tangles, the knots, the thickness, the knots, the knots, the knots, the tangles --

I was fucking done.

Spending Time & Money

In addition to spending time with my hair, I was spending a lot of money on hair products. I had a box of expensive shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, oils, curl activators...and the damn list goes on-and-on.

And every time someone would say, "your hair looked pretty today!" I'd roll my eyes inside because little did they know that it took me hours to get my hair to look like that.

But I'd be damned if nobody complimented my hair after tending to it for several hours.


Things I Learned About My Natural Hair:

My natural hair journey certainly did not go into vain. I learned a lot of important things about my hair...

1) I learned how to properly wash my hair.

2) I learned that I don't need a hair relaxer every six weeks -- and that I can, and should spread them out longer.

3) I learned what products work for me, and which ones don't.

4) I learned that my hair can grow a lot in just a year, if I properly take care of it.

5) I learned what my texture truly looked like. It was pretty -- but it was just a disaster to manage it.

6) I learned that I am not my hair

7) I learned that having natural hair takes a lot of work.

8) I learned that the natural hair thing is just not for me, and that's okay.

I loved every curl and kink, it was just too much work for me. I think that women should embrace their hair -- however that looks like. Whether that's in dreads, shaved off, or in curls.

You do you -- it's your hair.

My hair is now relaxed after a year of being natural.

I have no regrets.

I like cheeseburgers and cheap wine.
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