The Real Ghostbusters Got a Fan-Made CG Remake

The Real Ghostbusters was a cartoon made to capitalize on the popularity and the success of the Ghostbusters movie. I don't really have any memory of the show. Well, maybe I have one and it's that it existed. Oh! And one of the times I was watching it, I had a cup of soda in front of me and a bowl of chips, and instead of putting my hand into the bowl of chips, it went into the cup of soda because my eyes were glued to the screen.

I think that's a testament to how good that show was. Or maybe I was young and satisfied by anything that looked like a cartoon... Anyway! The show must hold a special place in the hearts of the folks at Zim Animation because they remade the opening of the show in 3D or CGI.

Watching this little remake was fun but it didn't make me long for a new Ghostbusters television show. I just thought it was cute and funny and scarily accurate. Some of the scene recreations in the 3D remake aren't as detailed as the original but I can't really hold it against them since I don't really know how making a 3D model works.

[I mean, how much time and effort goes into doing that? And will I ever feel like I could accomplish something like this? I mean, I've tried making things before but they never turned out as great as this. I don't think anyone would care about what I make. Can I even make things? Am I even as much of an artist as I like to say I am?]

Above is a comparison of the original and the remake and I mean, it looks pretty good. But it's easy to notice that the 3D remake is kind of dark in relation to the original. And sometimes it makes it hard to see exactly what's on the screen. This an issue with remake as a whole...

[Oh, is this the part of the card where you gracefully and eloquently shit on something that someone else worked really hard on? Because, that's sort of what you do. You look at a piece of media and you know, you're probably really jealous that you didn't make it. Or you weren't a part of the process. And you're jealous because you know you'll never be a part of something that grand or that amazing. No one will ever look at us and think, "wow, he's a creator, he's an artist. And that bothers you. It always will.]

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