love that Transcends time (NarakuxClara )

DON'T STEAL MY IDEAS. is an epic between me n a online friend. me= Naraku friend: clara, oc Today had been tiring, this much was true. The bags in her arms were heavy and it was killing her back! She re-adjusted the bags in her arms as she blew a strand of black hair out of her face, "Damn it!" She muttered as she tired to see around the bags, this was going to be very difficult since she had three more blocks to go and on one of the blocks, the road had a huge hill that would be very annoying to walk. It had been a few months since she had gotten into her new appartment and things were going very well, her job was great, and she loved the new college she was in. Nothing seemed wrong in her world and that's just how she liked it. She was coming around to the last block, the one with the huge hill before she stopped dead in her tracks. "Help..." came the whispered plea that made her stop. She looked around and saw that the street was dead, no one was around. The dark haired girl was about to shrug it off and keep walking but then the plea came again, a little louder this time. "Help...someone." She looked around again and lowered the bags in her arms, "Hello? Is someone there?" She called as she turned around behind her, maybe the person was injured and couldn't move. "Where are you? I can help!" She called again as she lowered the bags down onto the ground. She kept looking around but she couldn't see who was calling for help until she heard it again, this time it was coming the left of her. She bit her lip as she looked up at the giant staircase that led up to the huge shrine that she passed by on her way to work and school, Was the voice coming from there? She moved away from her bags and quickly followed after the voice, it grew louder and louder as she ran up the steps. "Where are you?" The dark haired girl cried out as she looked around, "Please answer me.." She shouted out. Naraku grabbed at his bleeding side as he stumbled around in the woods. Damn them. Damn them all to hell. He would get back at them for making him bleed. He coughed up some blood as he stumbled against a tree root and fell painfully to the floor. He jut needed to take a breath and try to get the purification out of his chest. The futuristic miko still didn't have a handle on her powers quite yet so the the arrow didn't kill him instantly like it should have, But instead it was slowly poisoning him with its healing properties. He dragged himself over to a tree and rested against the trunk. Naraku didn't know when he started to whisper for help as he slumped against the tree, blood pouring out of his numerous wounds. He didn't know if this was because of the loss of blood or if he had gone insane from the pain but he heard a voice. A soft, distant, feminine voice. She was saying that she could help and where he was. He eyes fluttered closed as his body was wracked with painful coughing. "Near the trees... Help me..." His bloody, shaky hand lifted up and grasped the arrow in his chest but howled out in pain as the purification powers of the arrow seared into his palm. Falling to his side his black hair began to soak with the blood that was pooling around him. He let out a bitter, painful laugh at how he was dying but the laugh ended with an anguished sob. "I don't want to die alone. I only ever wanted you by my side. Please... find me. Save me. Help me. I don't want to be alone anymore." Near the trees? She looked to where the forest was and tilted her head to the side before she looked around, the voice was coming from the huge shrine building...Not the forest. "O-okay, I'm coming!" She called as she moved toward the building, biting her lip when she heard the voice begging for help now, growing louder and louder. The girl opened the door and arched a brow when she saw nothing but an empty well. "Hello?" She called out again, the voice had fallen silent for a moment before it came again...This time from the well. 'Please...Find me...Save me.' The words echoed around the empty space before falling silent again. The dark haired girl moved closer to the well and carefully peered over the side of it. "A-are you down there? D-don't worry, I'm coming! I'll be there soon!" She called out as she moved over to where a ladder had been placed. Why a ladder had been placed there she didn't know but it was the only way to get down to whoever was wounded down there. She quickly slipped off her high heels and started to move down the ladder as quickly as she could. As soon as her foot touched the dirt at the bottom of the well, a bright violet light blinded her. Something was happening! She let go of the ladder to cover her eyes from the light and soon felt the sensation of falling! The girl kept her eyes covered and let out a scream of fear as she 'fell' through the well. The sensation didn't last long before she was lowered onto ground again, she uncovered her eyes and looked up, wincing when the bright sunlight hit her eyes. 'Sunlight?' She thought as she got back up onto her feet, looking back around the well, letting out a sigh of relief when she found the ladder again. The dark haired girl quickly went up the ladder and pulled herself out of the well, gasping when her eyes met nothing but the color green. She was in a forest?! How?! Minutes ago she was in a shrine and now she was in the forest? "H-hello?" She called out, slowly moving out of the well before placing her bare feet on to the grass. "Is there anyone here?" There it was again. That voice. It was like the voice of an angel. But it couldn't be an angel. Naraku knew he would never make it into the Kami's graces. After all his name did translate into "Hell". He left out a raspy. painful breath. "The miko has grown stronger. I shall have to be more careful next time." He thought. Naraku did his best to raise his voice and act like the injured noble that he was posing as. "Big... tree..." What he didn't know that the tree that he had fallen against was the same tree that was 500 years in the future. It, along with the well, held powers that people didn't know how to explain it. Naraku's innermost, vulnerable thought and life blood had been soaked into the tree's roots as it used it powers to speak to someone in the future. He was on the side of the tree so when Clara first appeared from the well she couldn't see him. Naraku grabbed a nasty wound on his right side and did his best not to jostle the holy arrow near his heart. Putting pressure on the wound he let out a sharp groan of pain as he began to lift himself from his bloody puddle on the grass. He didn't make it far as he tripped over one of tree's trunks and landed on his arrow wound. He let out a howl of anguish and pain as the arrow nicked his heart and pierced through his back. The dark haired girl let out a gasp when she heard the howl and quickly moved toward the sound, heading into the maze of trees. She didn't have to go far when the smell of blood hit her hard, she grimiced and bit her lip, truding on as she finally came upon a bleeding man. She covered her mouth in re-coil and slowly moved closer, "O-oh my.." The girl whispered as she moved around the puddle of blood that stained the grass below them. "O-okay...O-okay, just stay calm, I'm here now...I-i'm going to help you as best I can." The girl said as she looked down at the wounded man. As the fallen man stared up at her through hazy red eyes, he could easily see that she was not of this world...or this era. She was barefoot and her attire was simailar to that of the miko who had shot him. From what he could see, she was wearing a black skirt that fell to her knees and a light blue shirt that had the word 'Angel' written in a kanji. She bit her lip and brushed her hair back out of her eyes before she rememebered that she was to gather any information that the person could give her before they passed. She carefully lifted the man's head onto her lap and made him look at her, "O-okay, listen to me...Hey, my name is Clara Elias, I'm going to try and help you as best as I can but you have to tell me everything you can, alright? Let's start with a name...What's your name and can you tell me how you got this way?" She asked as she looked at the arrow that was a little too close to his heart but it had to be removed and she needed to stop the blood. Naraku looked up at the young girl and began to ponder where she came from. It didn't matter though. If he was going to die and spend eternity in Hell, then he thanked the Kami's that the last thing he would see was this beautiful young maiden. His breath wheezed out as he stared into her purple eyes. He say he mouth moving and did his best to pay attention to what she was saying. Naraku couldn't give her his real name so he gave her the name of the disguise he was using. " I am the daimyo's son. My name is Kagewaki Hitomi." He grabbed her petite, clean hand and clenched it in his large, bloody hand. "I was attacked by a group of bandits." His face contorted in pain. "The arrow is laced with poison. Can you remove it?" She looked at the arrow and then at him, nodding slowly as she bit her lip. "I-i'll try my best...Just lay still." Clara said as she used her free hand to brush back his hair. She slid her other hand out of his bloody one and studied the wound, it was already through the other side. "I-i'm going to have to break it off and pull the rest out." Clara told him as she looked at Kagewaki. "This may hurt.." She warned him before she grabbed the tip of the arrow that was through his back and quickly broke off the tip before she grabbed the butt of the arrow and pulled the rest out of his chest. She quickly wiped her hands on her skirt and threw the arrow to the ground. "O-okay...N-now to stop the blood." She whispered to herself as she looked down at the wound. Acting quickly, she ripped off a piece of her shirt, revealing her pale mid-riff, before she placed the piece of her shirt against his wound. "There.." Naraku nodded weakly as she spoke. "Clara... what a lovely name." By now the loss of blood and the spiritual healing powers made him light headed and delusional. As she began to remove the arrow from his body he let out a series of small painful grunts and hisses. He felt lights dance in front of his eyes from the sharp flashes of pain. When Clara pulled out the arrow it gave off of a small pinkish glow before it faded and disappeared. A sigh of relief left Naraku's pale lips. His gaze lingered on her midriff. "Thank you. " He whispered. "You're welcome..." Clara said with a smile as she brushed back his hair and kept the pressure on his wound. She looked at the man laying there and looked around, she needed something to heal up the wound. "I-i don't know how I'm going to be able to seal up the wound." She said as she looked back at him, biting her lip as she rubbed her upper arm. "W-what will I do? I-i don't know what to do now..." Naraku finally tore his eyes from her midriff and looked into her purple eyes. "It's alright. It will heal soon. I just needed the poison removed." He moved from his laying position to a sitting up position. He placed a hand over his wound and a small purple glow appeared, covering his hand. He closed his eyes as he concentrated. Soon the purple glow faded until it was gone. Opening his now more aware garnet eyes he looked at the young woman in front of his. Removing his hand he motioned to the now healed wound, leaving only a small pinkish scar. "See? Nothing to worry about." Clara stared in amazement and awe as she looked at him, "O-oh my..." She whispered as she looked at the wound, placing her bloodied hand on the scar. "A-are you magic?" She asked him as she looked back at the garnet eyes, he seemed a lot more better now that he was sitting up. His skin was till pale but that seemed to be a good look for him even though he was covered in blood. She blushed a bit as she caught herself staring at his chest, she looked away and cleared her throat, "I-i am glad that you're okay now though..." She said with a stutter as she looked at the ground. Naraku nodded. "I practice small amounts of magic. Nothing big or grand." He watched as she left small bloody prints on his chest. "Is there any way I can repay the debt I have to you for saving my life?" Clara blushed a bit as she looked at him, "I-is there a way you can show me to civilization? I- i don't know where I am." She said as she looked around the forest, "And I need to find out where I am...and how I got here." She said as she looked back at him, "I-i'm scared..." Naraku stiffened for a moment but quickly hide it. "I don't mean to be ungrateful but I will not be able to guide you the village but I can point you in the right direction." He stood up and held his hand out for Clara to take. "As for where you are at we are in the forest that the locals have dubbed Inuyasha' s Forest." He looked slightly confused at what she said about where she came from. "I do not know where you came from but perhaps the elderly miko in the nearby village. There is a young woman there that wears similar clothing to yours." "Oh?" She asked as she held out her hand as she took his hand and lifted herself up, brushing her skirt off. "Someone who wears clothes like me? M-maybe she is from Japan like I am." Clara mumbled to herself as she looked at the man, "Can you a-at least lead me to the entrance? You don't have to go all the way." She said as she brushed back her hair and blushed. She wasn't lying when she said that she was scared...She really was. Somehow, she had managed to come to a random place in the forest while finding a man that was almost dead. "Yes I will show you to the entrance of the village." Naraku started to walk but stopped when she spoke. "Like Japan? Clara we are in Japan right now." He began to slowly walk again. "I don't know if you hit your head or something before finding me but we are in the feudal era." He then whipped Clara in front of him and he placed a dried bloodied hand on her forehead to see if she had a fever. Finding a normal temperature he the laced his hand through her hair to check for any bumps. What was he doing? He was being far too nice and gentle right now. "Normal temperature and no bumps or bruises. " Clara blushed darkly when she felt him pull him close and placed a hand onto her forehead, she blushed again when he threaded his hands through her hair. "O-oh...O-okay.." She said as she looked at him. She bit her lip and quickly took a step back, "I-i m-may have hit my head when I f-fell..." She muttered to herself as her gaze diverted to the floor. She cleared her throat and moved away from him again, "P-please, lead on.." Clara said as she started to walk away. Naraku gave a small dark chuckle at seeing her blush. He had a smirk on his face a he spoke. "Are you not used to being this close to a male Clara? How do you know that I am not some kind of beast waiting to steal your virtue?" He then pulled her flush against him and his lips touched hers in a brief kiss. "How do you know that I won't take you back home and ravish you in my room?" He threaded his hand into her hair, tilting her face up so he could gaze into her eyes. "What would you say if I asked you to come with me and become my lady?" He had a mischievous, dark, smoldering look in his eyes. Clara felt her face light up in fire as she looked up the man, what was he doing? She tried to form words but her mouth and her brain were not working. She bit her lip and looked away from him, "I-if you were a beast...Y-you could've put me under your spell." She said as she kept her eyes away from his face. "A-and you just me-met me...W-why would y-you want me to your lady?" Clara asked as she kept her gaze onto the ground. Naraku's smirk grew a bit more wider as a hand came up and caressed her face. "Who says I haven't already put a spell on you?" He shrugged nonchalantly. "Haven't you heard of destiny?" Naraku wanted to gag inside because of how flirty and gentle he was being. But if she came from the same village as the miko then perhaps he could use Clara to spy on them and report whenever they where on the trail of a jewel shard. Leaning forward, he whispered seductively into Clara's ear. "I can make all of your wildest dreams and fantasy true. You will only know true pleasure in my arms. And the best pleasure will come when you are beneath me, sweating and mewing my name as I give you that ultimate orgasm that you can find no where else." He nipped at her earlobe before letting her go and taking a step back. "Think about it okay?" He winked and then motioned for her to follow him. When he had released her from his hypnotic touch and gaze, she gasped and felt her hand over her heart, biting her lip as she felt it beating against her ribcage, "O-oh my..." She whispered as she looked back at the man, biting her lip harder. Clara started to feel a little bit of blood dripping down her lip as she turned and started to follow after Kagewaki. ~ They had only been walking for a few moments before they came to the edge of the forest, close to the shadows. Clara looked at the entrance of the village and smiled, "O-oh, th-thank you...I-i think I can take care of myself from here. T-thank you so much." She said with a smile as she bowed in respect to him before she stood back up and quickly made her way down the small hill, running down to the village. Naraku nodded and then paused calling out to Clara. "So eager to get away from me? I didn't even get a good bye kiss." He winked at her in a half joking manner. "I have something for you." Clara stopped and looked up at him, "O-oh, I-i'm so sorry." She said as she quickly made her way back up the hill, "I-i just wanted to g-go and see if t-they had any clothes...o-or if this miko person was there..." She said as she came to a stop in front of him. Clara would be a sight for those in the village; her clothes were torn and covered in blood, her long black raven hair was tangled a bit, and her bare feet were covered with a mix of blood and mud. Naraku pulled Clara flush against him and gave her a passionate kiss for several moments before letting her go. "Thanks for the goodbye kiss." He winks and then pulls out a beautifully carved ebony rose then dangled from a silver chain. He had put a scrying and location spell on the necklace so he could spy on Inuyasha and his group. "I was going to give this to my mother but she doesn't need another piece of jewelry. Kami knows she doesn't need anymore." He moved behind Clara and moving her hair to one shoulder he put the necklace on her. Before putting her hair back he kissed the back of her neck, leaving behind a small, skin colored etching of the spider symbol on his back. The kiss left her dazed before she managed to snap herself out of it, looking down at the necklace around her neck, "W-what? O-oh no, I-i don't deserve this...This should go to your mother, not me." She said as she looked at 'Kagewaki'. "I-i'm not worthy of something so beautiful.." Clara tried to interject, gasping as she felt his lips against her neck. Why was this happening? She had just met the man and he was already giving her gifts, asking her to be his lady, and kissing her. Clara's head was spinning as she turned to look at the garnet eyed man, "K-kagewaki, I-i don't deserve this.." She tried to tell him. Naraku waved Clara's words away like they were flies. "I won't accept no for answer an. If anything consider this necklace as something to remember me by and me paying my debt to you." Taking her hand into his he kissed it like a gentleman would. "Think about what I said." Turning around Naraku headed back into the woods, leaving Clara to go into the village. Clara blushed as she watched him leave, her hand going up to the necklace around her neck. She bit her lip and finally made herself turn away from the woods, making her way back down the hill as she headed toward the small little village. Hopefully, someone would be able to help her. It only took her a few moments to walk towards the village before she was stopped by a few people at the village gate, "Who are you?" One of the men said as they looked at her. "Why are you dressed like that?" Another man asked as he looked at Clara's torn shirt and bloodied hands. "Hey, she's got the same attire that Lady Kagome wears." A farmer said as he re-adjusted his crop in his hand. Clara smiled at that, "C-can you point me in the direction of this Lady Kagome? M-maybe she can help me get back to my own world." She said. Naraku returned to his "families" estate and quickly and quietly made his way back to his room. After bathing and dressing he made his way to his private gardens and entered through an illusion barrier that hide a pond from the prying eyes of the world. He took out a dagger and sliced open his palm, letting the blood drip into the pond. Since Kana and her mirror were not here he had been using the pond as his scrying glass. The wound quickly healed up as Naraku chanted a few words and the blood laced pond became a scrying mirror. The surface rippled as it showed the picture of Clara. "Let us see what you shall do next my dear." The farmers did as Clara asked and brought her to a hut not to far from the exit of the village. She thanked them and stepped inside only to be greeted by a little yellow fox...with red eyes and two tails? It looked up at her and let out a meowing sound before tilting it's head to the side. Clara kneeled down and looked at the little fox with a tilt of her head, "What on earth are you?" She asked as she raised her bloodied hand and reached to pet the little fox. It looked up at her hand and took a small whiff of it before it took a step back and hissed at her. She squeaked and quickly stood back up, "O-okay, maybe it was a bad idea to try and pet you with a messy hand." Clara mused to herself as she looked around the hut, There was no one there. The farmers did as Clara asked and brought her to a hut not to far from the exit of the village. She thanked them and stepped inside only to be greeted by a little yellow fox...with red eyes and two tails? It looked up at her and let out a meowing sound before tilting it's head to the side. Clara kneeled down and looked at the little fox with a tilt of her head, "What on earth are you?" She asked as she raised her bloodied hand and reached to pet the little fox. It looked up at her hand and took a small whiff of it before it took a step back and hissed at her. She squeaked and quickly stood back up, "O-okay, maybe it was a bad idea to try and pet you with a messy hand." Clara mused to herself as she looked around the hut, There was no one there. The little fox kept its eyes on her as she slowly moved over to the barrel of water that was near the entrance of the hut, she dipped her hand in the water and started to scrub away the blood, watching as the water started to turn dark and murky. As soon as she finished cleaning off her hand, she kneeled back down and held out her hand to the little fox. It hissed at her again and came closer, sniffing her hand again....and then it stopped growling at her. It let out a small meow and started to lick at her hand. She tilted her head to the side as she watched the little fox and reached forward with her clean hand, stroking the little one's fur. "You sure are a weird little thing...but cute." Clara muttered to herself as she moved closer. It was quiet for a few more moments before the sound of the door sliding open caught Clara's attention, she turned her head to see if it was this 'Lady Kagome' everyone was talking about but a man stood in the doorway. He looked at her and tilted his head to the side before he smiled, "Well, hello there." He said with a warm voice. Clara stood and gave him a gentle smile, "Hello...A-are you friends with Kagome? I was told I could wait here for her." She said as she stared at the man, he looked like a really fancy priest. Naraku raised an eyebrow when the fire cat hissed as Clara extended her bloody hand. So it seemed that the little demon could sense that something was different about the blood but that was quickly was dispelled when she washed her hands. Shortly after that the cursed monk came in. Naraku began to think about what had conspired earlier on and he wasn't ready to give up his new pet and toy. He summoned up a small insect from his body and masked it's scent to that of a regular bee. He sent it over to the village and hut that Clara was staying in. At his order the bee would sting Clara and would cause her to loose her voice temporary. "Let the games and fun begin." The man smiled at her and took her hand in his, "I am friends with Kagome and she will be here shortly but along to a more important matter....Would you kindly bare my children for me?" He asked with a grin as he brought her hand up to his lips and placed a small kiss on the back of her hand. Clara blushed darkly and quickly brought her other hand back up to smack the man but she was beaten to the punch when she saw the back of what looked like a giant boomerang to her hit the back of his head. "Miroku, you two-timing letch!" Came a young woman's voice, anger clearly etched into every word. The monk, Miroku, went down in a heap as he released Clara's hand and fell to the ground, a bump forming on the back of his head. "Songo, I had forgotten that you were behind me.." He said, his voice muffled by the ground. The woman, Songo, just rolled her eyes and stepped over him to move over to Clara, "I apologize for whatever this monk has done to you.." She said as she gave her a gentle smile. She held up her hands and smiled, "I-it's fine...H-he didn't do anything bad..." Clara said with a small smile.

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