My top 5 favorite Anime Characters

#5 Death The Kid Soul Eater He is very funny at the perfect moments. His obsession of symmetry made the whole anime for me. xD

#4 Kyouya Ohtori Ouran High School Host Club While others may find Kyouya to be cold hearted, he is my favorite out of the series. I think his personality matches my own quite a bit.

#3 Ushio Okazaki Clannad: After Story Okay guys. Pack your bags, it's time for a feels to trip. This girl hit them feels so hard. That's all I'm gonna say.

#2 Gray Fullbuster Fairy Tale He is cool and hilarious at the same time. I've only just started the series, and I've laughed more times than I can count at this dudes strange habit.

#1 Sebastian Michaelis Black Butler Do I need to explain? If you don't know who this is, watch it. Yes. Watch it. Your life would be 1000% better if you just watched it. JUST WATCH IT.

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