Versus Battle Episode #4

Man am I excited for this, two of my favorite anime characters going against each other! Don't worry about biased involved in this Versus Battle because I love these two badass lightning wielders equally! This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything list their feats and abilities and decide on who I think would win based off of that. Feel free to add anything I leave off and give me your opinion on who you think would win.

Combatant one: Laxus S class wizard Lightning Dragon Slayer. Immune to lightning. Can absorb lightning to get stronger and heal. Can coat his body in dragon scales to gain more protection and add damage. Has Fairy Law at his disposal (capable of defeating opponent instantly if hit however, does take time to build up) Light speed because of his use of lightning. A skilled fighter. Thought projection. Defeated Jura. Fought Hades. Singlehandedly defeated Raven Tail. Once one shot Natsu. Defeated demon and ate his poison. Survived attack that disables limbs.

Combatant two: Killua Born into the greatest assassin family. Deadly assassin. A hunter (only a select few in the world have accomplished) Possesses nen (strong aura inside the body) Immune to poison. Immune to lightning. Master at stealth. Proficient tracker. Illusion creation. Claw creation. Can rip hearts out with speed and precision. Has taken a chimera ants head off with ease. (chimera ants have super human capabilities and are tough to kill) Immense pain resistance, taken torture with ease. Master hand to hand combatant. possesses 110 pound yo yos which he uses effortlessly. Opened a 60 ton gate effortlessly. Massive stamina due to assassin training. Killua can formulate accurate predictions on his opponent's move and has proved to be able to analyze hostile capabilities and thought patterns efficiently.  Godspeed is strongest form, it allows him to move at light speed (limited time but, can be charged with electricity)

WINNER: Killua Laxus is by far more powerful but, Killua's training in assassination gives him the win. Each others lightning would go back and fourth charging each other up. Killua's skill and training is to much for Laxus to keep up and Killua's strength is far beyond Laxus's it is also going to do massive damage, Killua's not gonna make this a fight he'll make it a death match and his deadly training is capable of taking off limbs. Base Killua is able to keep up but, Godspeed will be more than evenly matched, yes it's timed but, it can be charged with lightning. Also Killua has more to rely on than just the use of lightning. Fairy Law is probably capable of killing Killua or stopping him for a win but, it's to much time and it'll just leave him open for a headshot or for Killua to just hand him his beating heart just a second of pause time is to much given Killua's speed and precision. I absolutely love both characters and no disrespect to either, both are my favorite and the best lightning wielders in any series and lightning isn't even my favorite element. I believe this is a great match up and they are both the badasses of their verse.

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