The Ultimate Halloween Playlist!! Part 1 (MattK95 & Jiggzy19)

We both enjoyed working together on our last playlist so we are going to do so again ^^

We have so many songs for our list that we are going to have to do a few parts... oh well :P

Our song choices may not always seem to have any connection to Halloween, but we assure you we have our reasons, and we will do our best to explain it below the songs :D

Now grab your costume, fill a bowl with some candy corn, and let's get this party started!!!!!

When you are ready head out along the marked path, and begin your journey through the world of K-Pop Halloween

Well actually before we start there is one last thing we must tend to...

WARNING this card will contain some coarse language, possibly some disturbing themes, and definitely some fake blood, we don't recommend reading/listening to this card if you are below the age of 15, or if you find things too creepy or disturbing, we respectfully request that you skip this card and continue scrolling ^_^

Okay NOW let's get this party started!!!

1. Face Off - A6P

The whole mask and puppet thing already has this in the perfect for Halloween category!!! Then Jaguar starts rapping and my ears were like "Wait...What?!?!?!?!" (true story). How is his voice so rough? It's like Ravi, Bobby, T.O.P, Baro, and Tiger JK all had a love child... and we absolutely LOVE it!!!!

2. Too G - BTL (Beyond The Limit)

If the opening shot didn't have you convinced, perhaps the flaming swords, floating crystals, the appearance of Bane's (from Batman) brother, and Robin Hood have you convinced?

(Please support this group!!! They need more love <3)

3. Monster - Cheon Dung (or Thunder, previously from MBLAQ. Dara's brother ^^)

The title says it all, and the song speaks for itself also... how awesome is it? ^-^

4. Paradise Lost - Gain organ, naked men, snakes, Gain in a wedding dress... pretty creepy in my opinion...

5. Nightmare feat. Park Soo Jin - Baechigi

If you listen to this carefully it really has quite an eerie feel to it...almost haunting...

6. Cruel Fairytale - IU

IU being elegant and haunting all at the same time... WE LOVE HER, and this song!!!

7. Sacramental Confession - Bang Yong Guk

Just listen...listen to this creepy as heck awesomness!

8. Error - VIXX

Love, robots, Ravi's rap voice, and a death scene reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet...Shakespear would be proud...or maybe not, but it certainly works for Halloween, get your Halloween dance party on ^-^

9. Just Might Die - HISTORY

String instruments, rough voices, heavy breathing, and abs...and abs...and even more abs abound in this MV. Imagine playing this at a Halloween party, it just works :D

10. Awakening - Rap monster

Rap Monster shows off his flaming mummy costume, he's ready for Halloween... and we promise that his costume is completely safe, as you'll see when he unwraps the gauze at the end of the MV ^^

This is just the start, look forward to more parts coming up soon!!! Very soon XD

Credit to the owners of all the music videos and photos used in this card, we DO NOT own them!!!


Thanks for reading


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