The Ultimate Halloween Playlist Part 2 (MattK95 & jiggzy19)

Part two is here, so much earlier than I bet you were expecting :D

Yeah well for once I'm actually organised... I mean we are organised, this is both me and Matty ^-^

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WARNING this card will contain some coarse language, possibly some disturbing themes, and definitely some fake blood, we don't recommend reading/listening to this card if you are below the age of 15, or if you find things too creepy or disturbing, we respectfully request that you skip this card and continue scrolling ^_^

Lets continue this awesome Halloween partaaaaay!!!

11. Wingardium Leviosa - Jo Kwon

Get your groove on!!! So either Jo Kwon is weird, or he is a total genius for turning a spell from Harry Potter into a song... The type of song you can groove to while you 're eating all those sugary teeth decaying snacks you're supposed to be handing out to trick-or-treaters... true story


12. Mr. Doctor - Jun.K

Jun2dakay or more commonly known as Jun.K gets all creepy psychopath doctor on us...and Kung Fu Panda gets mentioned? ...this song is totally crazy, in a good way, just listen you'll see what we mean :) (sorry for the Spanish subs...unless you read Spanish, if that's the case then you are welcome XD)

13. New World - Madtown

We added this song because it is a perfect song for having fun with your friends to. not all Halloween songs need to be creepy or scary, although it does have that crazy feel to it and there is a random dog barking in the song... This song really is what we like to call a hot mess, but we love it just the same, somehow they managed to make all the crazy tie together and work...don't ask us how, cause we don't have a clue. Get your Halloween dance on!!!!

Please support Madtown they are a seriously underrated group :)

14. Don't Tease Me - SPEED

Another slightly eerie circus themed song, we added the dance practice because this is one of the most incredible dances in K-Pop that I've seen, they literally just throw one of the members into the air, and it's not like a little throw, this guy gets hang time...

(SPEED also need more love guys, they came close to disbanding already...)

15. Reason I Became a Witch - NS Yoon-G

This one is pretty self explanatory, its also a damn good song ^^

16. Don't Look at Me Like That - Song Jieun

Slave trading...but she ends up being a witch? and stops them by killing everyone with fire??? This song is dark, yet beautiful, and the lyrics are very meaningful. We ADORE this song ^^

17. Hair Short - WINGS

Everything about this song is creepy as all F!

This song is so catchy and their voices are really pretty! All round this is just a really good song to listen to^^

(Please give them lots of love!!)

18. Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) - BTS X THAHN BUI!!

We chose this one mainly for the lyrics!! It seems like they are one step away from becomingthe psycho boyfriend who ends up...making the girlfriend disappear... O.O

19. Psycho (Rolling in the Deep Remix) - KANTO (From TROY)

You really have to pay attention to the whole song especially the sounds in the background to understand how creepy this song actually is. For example the sounds of him typing in the code for her apartment door...him saying (In Korean) "Come's okay...I love you" followed by the sound of her screaming, it's creepy, but this song is amazing and we are convinced KANTO is a really awesome rapper and a bit of a genius. Please show him and his group Troy lots of love <3

(if you liked this it is from his first mixtape "Initial Step" which you can download online)

20. After Dark - VIXX

VIXX's darker concepts that they like to do practically lend themselves to Halloween, which is totally awesome, because we have more parts to come, and there will be more VIXX songs on those parts, get excited!!!!!!

Credit to the owner's of these Music Videos and photos, we DO NOT own them!!!

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Thank you all for reading


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