The Ultimate Halloween Playlist Part 3 (MattK95 & jiggzy19)

Before we go anywhere if you haven't seen the two previous parts of this list it is important that you go back through this special portal>>Portal to Part 1<<and see the previous entries, don't worry there are portals there to make it easy for you to get back as well :D

WARNING this card will contain some coarse language, possibly some disturbing themes, and definitely some fake blood, we don't recommend reading/listening to this card if you are below the age of 15, or if you find things too creepy or disturbing, we respectfully request that you skip this card and continue scrolling ^_^

21. Married to the Music - SHINee

Neither of us really like this MV but it's Halloweeniness cannot be denied!!! So here it is in all its weirdness

22. What's Your Name? - 4Minute

Zombies!!!!! and dancing, and 4minute doing what they do... being totally awesome ^-^

23. Monster - Bigbang

Kimbap hair \(^-^)/ it isn't Halloween without Taeyang's kimbap hair XD throw in the rest of Bigbang looking a little weird, except for T.O.P who somehow manages to look incredible throughout the whole song (We think he bribed the stylists XD), and you get this awesome, yet still emotional track that is perfect for Halloween!!

24. Snake - A-Jax

...She ate them...

Please show A-Jax support, they deserve so much more recognition than they get

25. Coup D'etat - G-Dragon

The video says it all, its not so much creepy, more artistic really, but it still totally works for Halloween ^^

26. Bad - Infinite

This song is so amazing, and the MV is creepy...just watch

27. Psycho - HISTORY

It's just haunting...

Please love and support HISTORY, they are far too underrated <3

28. A Witch's Diary - SPICA

This song showcases the fun side of witches XD

Please give SPICA a lot of love and support, they need so much more than they get

29. The Ghost of Wind - ZE:A

The song itself is fun, but the MV is a little eerie in places, especially near the end when you realise that they are haunting her...

30. Beautiful Killer - VIXX

Self explanatory.....

31. Crazy (feat. Iron) - Jonghyun

The way he sings this, coupled with the MV just works for Halloween :)

32. Flower - Xia

Like a beautiful, twisted, epic fantasy film...honestly the child is one of the creepiest things in this MV...

33. Beast (feat. Chancey The Glow) - YANO (From Topp Dogg)

(Contains strong coarse language, you have been warned)

Honestly this probably isn't the most accurate Halloween song, but after listening we just really felt that it worked

34. Cypher PT. 3 : KILLER - BTS

(Also contains coarse language, do not play around your grandparents !!)

So they are basically rapping about killing with their music, which in our opinion is a good way to go ^^

35. Stalker - BEAT WIN

Stalking is creepy... so are the lyrics 0.0

Please give your love and support to BEAT WIN, they need more recognition :D


We hope you enjoyed this part of our list, the journey is almost over now...

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Credit to the owners of the mvs and gifs used in this card, we DO NOT own them!


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