Day 19: To Taehyung..

Taehyung was the start of everything Bangtan for me. It all started with the simple creation of the Hyun Family. During that time, my bias in BAP was Daehyun (still is ❤) and I was starting to like EXO's Baekhyun too. One day, I discovered the third member of the Hyun family.... this crazy alien from Bangtan Boys. V has a really nice (low) voice, nice appearance, and personality. He's also really playful with the members AND just by himself. He's definitely still a child! And I like it the most when V's accent just comes out of no where! Although the other members have been messing with my bias list a lot these days, I have a feeling Taehyung is always going to be a really special member from Bangtan to me. If I hadn't been interested in V, I would not have been interested in Bangtan. Thanks, Taehyung, for being the way you are. ❤ ❤❤❤

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