So I Did the Thing too...

So a few days ago the lovely@Marilovexoxo made a card where she morphed her face and various kpop idols' faces to see what their baby would look like. She got some very cute results! So me being the curious little cat I am I just had to try it too... I'm too curious for my own good. I was gonna try it just once I told myself. That's not what happened though. Nope! I got such cute results {not bragging but I really want kids now!} that I went a wee bit crazy after the first ones. Insanity and much giggles ensued for the next TWO hours before I made myself stop!! Here are the results of my playing GOD *insert evil laughter*

This is the picture I used for all the morphs, I'm only going to put it on the first one to save space. I found the morphs work better with full face pics, closed mouths, and nothing on the face. Lee Soo Hyuk and our son, and daughter! *these are what started the chaos ^u^

Kim Young Kwang and our son and daughter!! They're so adorable!!

Seo In Guk with our son and daughter! SO CUTE I want them right now!!!

Lee DongHae and our baby boy and girl...squishy lil cuties just like their daddy!

Jung Yong Hwa and our boy and girl. cute!

Yong Junhyung, our son and beautiful little girl. I'm almost sad that she's not real. She'd really would be beautiful I think...

{Choi Seung Hyun} TOP with our daughter and baby son. Look at his cheeks!!

Kim SungGyu with the most precious girl and boy ever! She has her daddy's eyes and he has mine! So adorable with their mushy cheeks!! Just wanna give them kisses and cuddles!

Lee Jinki {Onew} and our daughter and son... so beautiful! Breaks my heart these ones aren't really either! T~T

Lee Seung hyun {Seungri} our son and our daughter, they have the cutest noses!

Lee HongKi with his mini me our son and our sweet little girl. Seriously that boy would grow up to look so much like his dad, so handsome.

Kim Jun Myeon, our son and daughter. They'll be so spoilt, especially her with that face!! Definitely $uho's kids, they just look rich to me with those lil faces lol.

Ok Taecyeon with our three kids! Oldest son, middle daughter, and adorable baby boy! Such a cute family I want it to be real!! Please!

Kim Minseok {Xiumin} with our kitty babies!! Son, daughter, and baby son ALL have his eyes and lips!! This family would be the death of me if real because I'd be so happy all the time just looking at our kids! Seriously amazing they all got the two features I love the most about their daddy. Cute buttons!

Choi Minho with our son and two daughters. They all look adorable just like him!

Hey I'm Kelly, or KellBells whichever, and I love Kpop, Kdramas, food and funny stuff!
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