Some drawings I've done this year

I had to do this one for my humanities class,it was a project about ourselves and we could bring a picture or draw it so I decided to draw, though the background took me a long ass while

I also drew this one for class, though this is the unfinished version I forgot to take a pic of the finished drawing, when I get it back I'll post it.

This one is the daughter of one of my ocs, when she is like a pretty adult there's a lot more drawings that I have done and I would like to show u, but in feeling lazy right now.

Hey!! My name is Ameri and I love anime and music. my favorite bands are MCR, Gorillas, BVB, Imagine Dragons, Pink Floyd and Daft Punk I like others too but those are my main. My favorite type of anime is as shounen, comedy, you, action, and u get the idea.
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