The Story Untold... The Beggning

My last letter needs a little explaining... So lets start off with the fact that im a depressed teenager who is drowning in my own self hatred. I dont remember when it started but I know it changed my life forever. At first it did not seem like a big deal and yet moving and starting somewhere new... well it changes you. You can make fun of me I dont care... I never really cared about anything. Or maybe I cared to much. Make since? If not well, your out of luck I dont want to waste my time explaining it I have to much to say.... keep in mind that my story may have some triggers in it. (self harm, suicidle thoughts, depression) But I want to tell you my story even if I dont finish it... Maybe it will help someone out there who needs it. Someone else who is drowning and needs someone to save them just like I did... The names Lea and this is how I drowned.
Writing is a passion of mine. I also take pleasure in reading, poetry, and fanfiction. To pass the time or just to relax and enjoy myself you will catch me doing any number of these things including watching anime, reading manga, listening to music, and or enjoying the things around me.
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