5 Ways To De-Clutter Your Online Life

Admit it, you spend a lot of time online. In fact, you're online right now reading this post.

The irony.

Since we're so connected that it hurts, it's only logical to want to have an organized existence on the world wide web. There are a lot of different websites and services that we use to create our online lives, and they can get messy. Spam e-mails and multiple accounts, forgotten passwords and time wasted: the plague of the 21st Century.

Get it together and use these 5 easy ways to get rid of the spam and the clutter online, because a messy inbox is almost as bad as a messy room.

1. Consolidate your E-mails.

Gmail has a handy feature called a "Mail Fetcher" you can add accounts from every e-mail service you've ever used and consolidate all your E-mails into one place. This is a great way to keep everything in one place, so you don't have to check multiple services

I am doing this right now, because I keep getting sick of checking 6 different places. I just want to check one. That way, I won't miss anything, and people...no matter how old the account is, will be able to reach me.

Check out this link for a complete tutorial.


2. Unsubscribe from those annoying E-mail lists.

I've subscribed to a thousand irrelevant E-mail lists in an attempt to receive some coupon or special offer. And regardless of the relevance, I keep getting spam from them, every single day. If you can take 20 minutes of time and unsubscribe from those pesky lists, your e-mail and internet life will seem a lot more organized.

Usually, there is a small button on the bottom of each E-mail that will instruct you on how to get rid of them. Most of the information is really small though, so you'll have to put your reading glasses on.

3. Do one of those pesky "Friend Purges" on Facebook.

If you're getting annoyed with seeing all of the annoying things from people you haven't spoken to in years, you might want to do a friend purge. It's not personal, and it'll de-clutter your Facebook feed, making room for the things you actually want to see.

4. Clear your desktop.

Not your real-life one...your digital one. Move all of your files into different folders. This way you'll have an organized and clutter-free surface to conduct all of your digital business on. It's the best way to make sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

5. Print out a manual password keeper and hide it.

Storing digital passwords on your laptop or in your phone is a big no-no. Not only can you be hacked, but you can easily lose them. Write your passwords on a printable password keeper and keep them in a safe place at home. You won't need to bother with those annoying recovery options either. Just make sure you remember where you placed them. Decluttering all comes down to responsible handling of all your files.

Because the internet is a seemingly infinite space, you have to understand that things can get really disorganized.

This one can work really well, and it's free!

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