I should be sleeping but...

So, I work nights and I woke up to get my son off to school (which totally makes me feel a little odd since most of you I feel are younger than me, but totally okay because gd is only a year older than me.) anyhow, I should be going back to sleep but I find it difficult to do so after I get on my phone and start reading all this awesome stuff and watching videos which mostly consist of all of my favorite Korean artists.

Hopefully my awesome playlist of music of block b, big bang, epik high, and so on will get me through a treacherous night of work with little sleep.

I enjoy korean music, more so than the awful American stuff. I love to cook and bake. I like to sleep in jeans. I color my hair red because I have the complexion of a red head and not a blond. random facts not a lot of people know about me
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