David Goyer interview: Da Vinci’s Demons season 3, cancellation

As the third and final season of Da Vinci’s Demons lands, we chat to creator David Goyer about cancellation, DC movies, and a revival…

So, Da Vinci’s Demons season two left us with another major cliff-hanger. The Turks are coming and Leonardo’s just discovered his mother, presumably the season three opener will throw us right into the action?With the explosion?And what kind of timeframe are we looking at for the whole season, start to end?So that siege takes place over multiple episodes?Right! So you’re definitely not going to get to the Bonfire of the Vanities or Michelangelo then?Would that still be with Starz if it happened?

So the door’s not firmly closed?That’s like two Walking Deads.What they’d call an “event series”?So you were instrumental in the decision to bring it to an end at this point?So people can expect that things will be tied up, temporarily at least, by the end of season three? It’s not going to be another cliff-hanger?You can’t tell us that!Remind me.There are two more episodes coming.

That sounds great. With something like Constantine, there were attempts made by the studio to shop it around other buyers, but obviously that wouldn’t apply in this situation?From the outside, it seemed to be performing, so the assumption was that it would continue. There was talk that plans for season four were going to be too expensive with what else Starz had on its slate?It looks it.You’re a really busy man. There must be a sense of relief sometimes when something ends? Like, it’s not just a case of regret, but also, ‘one less thing to think about for the time being’You don’t want to get into that Sherlock situation where they go off and become megastars and then are impossible to schedule ever again.

Talking about how busy you are, you’re kind of the architect of the DC shared universe, you have a lot of different things to look after at the moment...Okay! Presumably you’re in line to direct one of the upcoming DC features?Definitively not?Come the end of Batman V Superman, is there any DC film we should expect it to lead directly into?With Suicide Squad on the way to cinemas, do you think that your Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max script, which was packed from top to bottom with DC villains, was a little ahead of its time?Whatever happened to that idea? We just stopped hearing about it?

What do you make of Starz’s decision to release the entire third season of Da Vinci’s Demons at once online?Because we’re Den Of Geek, we’re obviously fans of geeky references and hidden nods in TV shows, and I know you have plenty of those in Da Vinci’s Demons, with the Bat Symbol in the roof of Leonardo’s workshop and the TARDIS hidden among his papers [a nod to the work of production designer, Ed Thomas, on Doctor Who]. Where should we be looking in season three?I’ve put you on the spotThat brings me to the last question then. “History is a lie” was kind of the show’s mantra. Your revisionist approach when you’ve done previous interviews seems to be “Wouldn’t it be cool if?” Looking back at Da Vinci’s Demons, what was the coolest thing the show pulled off?

Either! With the perspective of three seasons behind you, what can you look back on and think, ‘That was cool’?Permission granted.David Goyer, thank you very much! Da Vinci’s Demons season three arrived on Starz, and online, in the US on Saturday the 24th of October and in the UK on FOX on Sunday the 26th of October. 

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