New Segment: Yugioh Card of the day: Oct 26th 2015

The card for today is Gishki Zealgigas. This powerhouse of a monster is a level 10 ritual monster with a whopping 3200 ATK and 0 DEF. His stats are a reference to his 'original form' which was 'Steelswarm Hercules'. In the Duel Terminal Storyline, he is the leader of the Steelswarm, ravenous insectoid Fiend-type monsters that started to consume and destroy the land. Hercules rose up and began shattering foes left and right before he began his titanic battle with Vylon Omega. That battle destroyed both armies and left both the leaders, Omega and Hercules in pieces. It wasn't until the Evilswarm appeared that 'Gishki Noellia', who was corrupted by the Steelswarm virus, tried to resurrect Hercules and bring him under her control. Unfortunately, the ritual failed, Hercules became Gishki Zealgigas, killed Noellia's friend Gishki Natalia, and went on a rampage. In card form, he might not be able to 'rampage' or 'shatter foes left and right' but his effect is nothing to sneeze at. With the cost of 1000 LP you can draw a card, kind of like upstart goblin but with you taking minor damage. Then you reveal the drawn card, if it happens to be a 'Gishki' monster you shuffle 1 card on the field into the deck. This effect is amazing for 3 main reasons, 1) the Gishki deck doesn't need outside monster help, so the odds of drawing a 'Gishki' monster remain high. 2) since the cost to activate the effect is paying 1000 LP, if your opponent wants to respond with something they have to do it then, and cannot chain to the effect to shuffle a card into the deck. And 3) His effect doesn't 'target' a card. Granted it doesn't work on Apoqliphort Towers or other similar cards, but cards that say they 'cannot be targeted by Card effects' such as Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree, fall to this card's power. Summoning this card is extremely easy as well. Gishkis have 3 ritual spell cards in their arsenal as well as access to generic ritual spells like 'Advanced Ritual Art'. Whether you want to summon him regularly through 'Gishki Aquamirror', pay 5000 to summon him with 'Gishki Photomirror' or tribute your opponents monsters with 'Forbidden Arts of the Gishki he can be summoned in a variety of ways. Add that to the fact he can be searched by 'Gishki Vision' and 'Gishki Abyss', and that Vision and 'Gishki Shadow' can be used for his ENTIRE tribute, this card can hit the field on turn 1 and make opponents sweat. Gishki Zealgigas is the card of the day for October 26, 2015. Use him, fear him or don't. But at least now you know who he is.

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