I'm a VIP & I Love Big Bang

I have always been a VIP and even though my friends judge me for listening to kpop only, I don't ever regret it and I will forever be a kpop lover. On Oct 10th I was able to go to The made tour concert that was held at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ and it was AMAZING! of curse I wasn't expecting to see any of them but ....... I DID & they look so much better in person than pictures. I always been in love with Taeyang buy ever since he made it official that he did have a girlfriend I cried lol (not really) but he did break my heart, it makes me happy that he's finally with someone he likes, so I approve but I did had to move on and love a different member, which was very difficult because they're all amazing and I love them all the same but .... after seeing them face to face I have made my decision that T.O.P is the sexiest man alive and he is amazing, just everything about him is Perfect and I am in love with him now ... so here are some pictures that I took at the concert ! Enjoy the view ladies.

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