Bias Story Challenge

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.....sorry I'm so late with it but better late than never....

I think it's obvious who my bias is but how we came to be is a very unique story.

So here is my unique story.....

We began at a moment. Trying to figure ourselves out. Me starting late and he having been here for a while.

It....everything, it all happened so quickly. Without realizing what happened.

It just happened. In that moment we happened.

It wasn't just a glance but a deep stare. And I knew!


It was that first look that gave it all away. Everything I needed to know was there.

I was never one to hide what I'm feeling and everything is written on my face. (If you can read it that is)

He was hard for me to read.

Looking back I realize that I met my courage.

I met my strength.

I met a soul mate.

Through him I have what I need.


It was definitely love at first sight on my part.

I was caught off guard completely and I still loved every moment of it. From his self composed moments to his goofy slip-ups.

I first saw T.O.P oppa in Lollipop mv with both Big Bang and 2NE1. I definitely fell in love at first sight with T.O.P oppa and continued to love him through out the years. My love for this goof ball has actually continued to grow even when my parents and friends thought I was just going through some phase.

But I have preserved in my love for oppa.


So there you have it. How I fell in love and haven't been able to escape (nor do I want to).

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