Mother And Son Share Dance Routine At Wedding

Usually the bride and her father are in the spotlight.

It looks like times are definitely changing and we're totally fine with that. They say there's no love like the love a mother has for her son and this mother and son definitely make that apparent. During the wedding reception a brief segment is set aside for the traditional father and daughter dance, which usually produces a room full of tears.

In this case, Adam and wife Laura celebrated their love for each other by getting married in Texas and Adam happened to share a dance with his mother Bonny. Instead of shedding tears, the crowd shared laughs and smiles. This isn't your traditional spin on the father and daughter dance, it's definitely several steps above.

If you're into weddings and Zumba fitness -- yes, Zumba, keep scrolling to see this mother and son share a dance routine that will make you want to cut a rug [see translation here].


How amazing was that?

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