Shag, Marry, Kill- Infinite!

The game you love to hate is back! With the Infinite boys!! Just pick your choice for each number and post your decisions!!

SungYeol, WooHyun, DongWoo, L, Hoya, SungJong, SungKyu 1. Shag 2. Marry 3. Kill 4. Stalk 5. Have kids with (Baby Appa) 6. Best Friend 7. Slave

1. Shag Hoya.... Have you seen his sexy dance? 2. Marry L, I mean I've seen his adorable proposal! 3. Kill SungKyu (awwwww ㅠㅠ) 4. Stalk SungYeol 5. DongWoo is so my Baby Appa <3 6. SungJong is gonna be my BFF 7. WooHyun is my slave ㅋㅋ

What do you choose?!


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