5 Ways To Unwind After A Long Day

School or work, doesn't matter a long day is a long day. Here are 5 ways to de-stress and unwind after your 12 plus hours of work, school or whatever.

1. Make Yourself some Tea.

I just wrote a card about the wonders of tea and how you can use it to wake you up. The same works for when you want to wind down. There are specific blends for every possible situation. Sleep is essential, and when you're winding down you can reach for lavender, chamomile, or peppermint and you'll be one step closer to getting calmed down.

2. Plan an amazing bath.

If you've ever set foot in a Lush Cosmetics store, you'll know that bath time is serious business. If you want to unwind in a big way there is nothing better than a warm bath with some bath bombs or salts. Pick your favorites. There is something for everyone at Lush, or any online retailer. You can pick soaps with all different kinds of scents and uses.

There's even a few for the holidays. My favorite bath bomb is "Northern Lights" you can get it for under 10 dollars and make it last for at least three baths. It makes the water swirly and pretty. Honestly, it's relaxing just to watch it melt into your bath.

3. If tea doesn't work for you, and you're of age, try wine.

Wine has a way of relaxing you. If you drink too much, then all bets are off, but one glass won't kill you. If you really want to up the unwind factor make sure you pour your wine slowly and steadily so that you get a nice even glass. You don't want any bubbles disturbing your zen.

4. Crack a book.

Reading is a great way to unwind. It doesn't have all of the distracting facilities of a television or the internet. You can focus, but in a fun way. After a long day of sitting in front of a computer or in an office, it's best to leave the technology at the door. This will also make it easier for you to fall asleep.

5. Plan for tomorrow.

Nothing puts me more at ease than planning my ventures for the next day. Whether you do it physically in a planner, or mentally, you'll be a step ahead. Ultimately, this will make it so you can wake up and feel rested, relaxed and on top of your game. If you don't write things down try and use a digital planner in your phone, that way your plan will always be with you.

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