BTS Story Time: But First Let Me Tae A Selfie



Taehyung and I took a selca because he was drunk

Also that title is awful XD


"Hello?" You weren't paying much mind to the boy on screen. "Hey~" His getting made your ears perk. Pulling your attention from the mass of books and homework on your desk, you stared at the boy. "Why are you smiling like that?" Raising your eyebrow, you waited for an answer. "Come out with us tonight." "I've got homework, Tae, and a big test to study for, I can't. Maybe next time okay?" Your attention was already back on the essay but you tried to give him an encouraging smile. "Just a few hours. Please? We're leaving town tomorrow afternoon." "I thought you guys were going to be here for a few days?" You dropped your pen, biting at your lip with the decision to go out with your friends before they left or study. "Nope." Taehyung grinned at you when you let out a sigh of defeat. Going out wouldn't be so bad right?

"Just record it for us Y/N." Tae pushed the camera into your hands. Jimin was grinning behind him, both obviously drunk. "What if your manager catches me here?" You were only a bit buzzed, holding out for studying a little when you got home. "Are all of you really in on this? You've got tee shirts made." They both giggled and moved over to the bed. You simply set the camera on the tripod and watched them bounce around for a minute. When they stopped giggling, you started the music and stared recording. They were ridiculous and it took everything in you not to laugh. Taehyung nearly tripped over your foot when he bobbed in front of the camera. Jimin ran to the bathroom and Tae had you recording him again. He ducked behind the curtain and you cued the music again. He hopped from one bed to the other, dancing to the awful song. Pretty soon the camera was taken from your own hands. As you watched Jimin recording NamJoon, Tae picked you up and carried you around the room out of the cameras view. He almost dropped you a few times before finally letting you go. Both you and Tae laughed when Hobi was being recorded. Actually falling on the floor at one point when you tried to get out of the way. "Okay ouch." You mumbled, staying on the floor and watching the boys having a good time. - "Last one." Tae handed over the camera and you set it up on the tripod again. Setting it to record, Jimin and Tae took off for the other side of the room. You pressed rewind on the player and then was thrown into a fit of silent laughter watching the two of them dancing. Taehyung ended having to cut the camera off when they were finished. "Take a selfie with me?" You offered up when the three if you calmed down, all sitting on the cold floor. "Yes!" Tae scooted over to you, taking your phone and snapping a selca.


Not fabulous or anything but did you enjoy it?

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