Death Factor: Here's How Processed Meat Stacks Up Against Smoking

The World Health Organization rocked everyone's world with a fact we probably already knew this week. Processed meats like Bacon and Sausage cause cancer.

They've been classified as Group 1 (carcinogenic to humans), and red meat is "possibly carcinogenic", although most of us know that it is.

People have been comparing meat eating to smoking for ages. Both things have been proven to cause cancer. So now we have to compare them. What is the real cost of eating meat?

As a recent vegetarian, I have to wonder: was my decision as good as I think it was?

This is a survey of the United Kingdom, packed into a nice infographic for your consumption. Smoking is still king as far as illness and death, but meat is sneaking up behind it.

Eating meat is a huge factor as far as bowel cancer, but it seems to pail in comparison to the effects of smoking. At least, this graph shows that.

As far as heart disease, it seems like meat has a far bigger influence. And by influence, I mean death toll. You're also at a greater risk for stroke, cancer, lung issues and more. Just check out the graphic.

up by 13 percent per daily serving

--You double your risk for lung disease too. If you smoke on top of that? Well...the end won't be long.

--The risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes is doubled.

--Your bladder, prostate, heart, brain and lungs become targets for disease.

So why do we continue to eat meat? It tastes good? It's convenient? It's cheap?

You're 20 percent more likely to drop dead at any second when you eat meat. That's a scary statistic.

But if we look at this graphic, one that has a happy little cow in the corner, it shows that 39% of Americans are eating less meat, myself included. So...if you want the secret to a long life, you should probably cut down on the bacon and sausage. If you want the secret to a guilt free...better life, you should cut down on all animal products.

It's hard for me, because I love dairy products...they're my favorite food group. And I know they're not good for you either, but I am cutting down on them too. Creating a happy and long life is all about balance. If you have one or two burgers every once and a while, it's okay. But if you're constantly eating processed meat, or fast food for every meal, you might as well take up smoking too. Because though these things are very different, they both cause cancer and countless other health problems.


Join me in lessening the need for meat consumption. Try and cut down a little bit, or go full on Veggie or Vegan. It doesn't matter what you do, just that you try. If you can't do it, or don't have the control don't feel bad. There's time to fix things.

If you'd like more cards like this, as far as education and awareness please let me know! And leave a comment explaining why. If you are Vegan or Veggie, I'd love some tips on how to sustain.

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