SEOUL WALK - Lotte Department Store in Nowon during Chuseok holiday

So, I wandered around the Lotte Department Store in search of some Chuseok gifts for my relatives. What I found were beyond-ridiculous prices, that were super inflated, just because of Chuseok holiday. AND... People were actually PAYING THESE PRICES like it was okay.

I'm sorry, but 4 cantaloupes for $125 is not my idea of gift shopping. It is crazy here in Korea. But then again, I grew up in Japan... where one watermelon went for sale for $10,000 USD. Yes... $10,000 USD. That was not a typo. TEN THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS.

Needless to say, despite the ridiculous prices, it was still fun to shop around, do some eye shopping and try free samples of what was available.

Note to Self: Never buy anything during Chuseok. The prices will be at least 200% more expensive than what they were before the Chuseok holiday. The day after Chuseok is finished, a box of 4 apples for $100 will go down to $15. That's how crazy it is.

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