Crying in a Sweater Pokes Fun at Indie Darlings

SNL alum Kristen Wiig has a pretty interesting career. After SNL she's managed to find herself in both great independent films as well as some mainstream comedies. She walks the line between comedic and dramatic actress, which is something that -- I think -- a lot of actors have trouble doing.

She was recently on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show where they discussed the way she traverses genres so effortlessly while poking fun at that exact thing. They debuted a trailer for her "new movie" called Crying in a Sweater.

The trailer and the joke, in my opinion, land pretty well. They follow the same structure that most independent dramas follow in terms of their trailers. There are overlays of every award the film has won and the way Wiig acts during these moments is priceless. I'm not sure if there have been a lot of indie flicks where the main character is crying in a sweater but something about the imagery in all of these scenes seems extremely familiar.

In a way, I really enjoy this faux trailer because it made me think of something that might be the case in terms of independent movies that come out in general. The title "independent movie" suggests that the movie is independent from the mainstream, as if it is different or better, in a weird cultural way.

But this parody sort of shows us a paint by numbers Indie movie that critics would undoubtedly love. Maybe Indie movies aren't independent of anything at all. Maybe they cater and pander to audiences as much as mainstream movies do. And maybe we call things independent only because we want them to sound cooler than they actually are. Who knows?

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