No Man's Sky Finally has a Release Date

The most ambitious indie game to ever have been in development

And along with a release date comes a new trailer that focuses on the combat you can expect in the game (below).

For those who haven't been following the game's development this might not look like much to you but it's actually really exciting. The idea that most of these places have been procedurally generated at random is something that still blows my mind and I don't think I'll ever be smart enough to understand how a group of four guys created an algorithm capable of what's happening in this trailer.

Even though they announced an actual date, it still feels like lightyears away (do you get the joke? Do you? It's because this game is about space travel, so I said a thing about space. Do you get it?) And I'm a little worried that interest in this game will disappear. It's still something I'm impatiently waiting for but I don't know how many people out there feel the same way I do.

You can expect to play No Man's Sky next summer (June 2016) on your PS4.

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