Why We Need More Whale Poop in the World

decrease in large animals

Poop is good ok!

Ok so let me explain this in the most basic way. Have you ever had a garden? You know how the ground has to be fertile for things to grow (to create more life?). Well, without poo the ground tends to be a lot less fertile.

Large poops equals large amounts of life!

But why specifically whale poops?

A whale typically feeds at the bottom of the ocean, but the poop floats to the top. Hence they are moving large gaps of bacteria from the bottom to the top.

Nutrients are recycled and moved to other places...thus making the world a more fertile place! Essentially it’s the recycling and movement of bacteria in the water, across countries, across lands, and in place it would not typically be exposed to.

Without the poop...

Nutrients end up following gravity onto the ocean floor, and staying there. The do not spread to the top of mountains or in new places. Areas become more barren and less fertile.

So even if you aren’t a fan of whales, you still have to be a fan of their poops.

That’s right people. Let’s all be fans of whale poops!

What will you do to save the whale poops?

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