BTS Story Time: Suga Strip



Suga undressed me because I came home drunk

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Your head was pounding and the echo of the metal stairs only made it hurt more. You could feel the vibrations from each step that person was taking in your body. It was as if the floor itself was vibrating an moving beneath your feet. Your vision was a little blurred, from the tears or ungodly amount if shots you'd consumed, you couldn't tell which. Your body was slumped against the wall, making the best effort to find the key hole in the apartment door. It was taking to much and you were feeling drained already, pausing in your sad attempts in get inside. "Y/N?" Your name was called from the end of the hallway, his voice echoing in your head. "Yoongi..." His name came out as a whisper, maybe even a whimper. You tried to take a step towards him but your knees gave way. Yoongi caught you with ease, your dead weight wasn't anything new to him. Both from drunken nights out or falling asleep in his studio, he was all to use to carrying you. "It's okay Y/N, I got you." Somehow you were on his back a moment later and he was talking to someone. You cracked your eyes open, not realzing that you'd fallen asleep, and noticed a second figure. "Joonie?" Your voice was weak, cracking out slightly. "Hey Y/N." The taller boy smiled, pushing your apartment door open and allowing Yoongi to carry you inside. "She reeks of liquor." Yoongi's back vibrated as he spoke, his voice soft to your ears and you pressed your face into his neck. "Hold on," You heard one door close and boots on the hardwood ",Here, get her in the bath. I'll go find her some clothing."

"Shit." Yoongi set you on the floor after flipping the light on "I forgot you don't have a tub." You leaned back against the wall, eyelids fluttering and only half conscious. Yoongi had left you there, for whatever reason was unknown to you. "Y/N, hey wake up." There were small pats on your face and then one good smack that had you jolting up. "Did you have to hit her so hard?" It was NamJoon who questioned from the doorway. "I did. You haven't delt with her before when she's like this." Yoongi was crouching next to you, looking at you with such a calm expression. "Y/N, you reek. Can you shower on your own?" When you shook your head, slumping back against the wall to rub your face, Yoongi let out a sigh. He stood and left the bathroom, returning minutes kater dressed in a white tee and basketball shorts. "I borrowed some of Jung's clothes, your sisters boyfriend can get pissed all he wants for it. NamJoon, wait in the living room while I help her." Yoongi helped you pulled off the damp clothing, releasing that your outfit was the cause of the smell. You sat on the floor as he washed the beer from your hair and the sticky cocktails from your skin. A mind sober had you crying but he only wrapped you in a towel and helped you stand. "I'm sorry." You whispered, clinging to the towel around you. "It's okay. Your sister called and said you disappeared earlier, we looked everywhere. She was really worried, we all were." Yoongi helped you into the night clothes. "Figured you make it back here eventually and we saw you heading up the stairs when we rounded the corner." "I'm sorry." You hugged him suddenly and he only held you tighter, shirt becoming damp from your wet hair. "It's okay, everything's okay now."


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